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A young Syrian man kneels blindfolded before anti-regime rebels publicly executed him in the town of Keferghan, near Aleppo, on August 31, 2013. Agence LeJournal/SIPA via TIME.

"Because of the danger in reporting inside Syria, it was not possible to confirm the identity or political affiliation of the victim. Nor are we certain about the motivation of his killers. One eyewitness who lives in the area and was contacted by TIME a week after the beheadings said that the executioners were from ISIS, an Al-Qaeda franchise operating in Syria and Iraq."


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Sky burial 

(Tibetanབྱ་གཏོར་w bya gtor), lit. ”alms for the birds” is a funerary practice in the Chinese provinces of TibetQinghai, and Inner Mongolia and in Mongolia proper wherein a human corpse is incised in certain locations and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to the elements (mahabhuta) and animals – especially predatory birds. The locations of preparation and sky burial are understood in the Vajrayana traditions as charnel grounds.

The majority of 
Tibetans and many Mongolians adhere to Vajrayana Buddhism, which teaches the transmigration of spirits. There is no need to preserve the body, as it is now an empty vessel. Birds may eat it or nature may cause it to decompose. The function of the sky burial is simply to dispose of the remains in as generous a way as possible (the source of the practice’s Tibetan name). In much of Tibet and Qinghai, the ground is too hard and rocky to dig a grave, and, due to the scarcity of fuel and timber, sky burials were typically more practical than the traditional Buddhist practice of cremation. In the past, cremation was limited to high lamas and some other dignitaries, but modern technology and difficulties with sky burial have led to its increasing use by commoners. (from Wikipedia)

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This is fucked up.

well welcome to a segment called “what really happens behind the tv screens”

American solder !?

This is the sickest, most twisted, inhumane photo I have ever seen in my life and it’s real
I am glad they have Allah, and I’m glad that Allah is the same God that every Christian and Jew believes in and will answer to for this


Mike Prysner, iraq war veteran and anti-war activist.

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How thieves steall cell phones on the subway train. This guy stealing an iPhone on the Budapest Metro train was already caught by the Hungarian police.

“People in countries like ours don’t speak to kids about death because it might scare them. Here’s Palestine, their parents probably wouldn’t like to tell them about death either but their preferences doesn’t matter, death is something kids like these witness not just everyday, but every few hours!” -Yasmin Ullah Begum

Egyptians mourned relatives who died in Wednesday’s clashes with security forces in Cairo. The death toll surpassed 500 in the government crackdown on supporters of the deposed Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi. (Khalil Hamra/Associated Press)


Ivory Coast, 2002.
Photo by Georges Gobet.