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Fatima Khatun kisses the head of her daughter, Roona Begum, at their mud hut in Jirania village, Tripura. Roona’s father, Abdul Rahman, told AFP at the time that he was praying for “a miracle” to save his only child. Doctors prepare Roona Begum, a 15-month old girl suffering from hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid inside the skull that leads to swelling, for surgery at a hospital in Gurgaon, near New Delhi, on May 15, 2013.

‘Don’t Forget the Struggle’ by Kachangas on Flickr.

1977 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Neal Ulevich, Associated Press
October 1976: Thailand’s third government in two years teeters on the brink, rocked by clashes between right-wing vocational students and left-wing university students. Late one night, two liberal students are lynched.
Associated Press photographer Neal Ulevich covered the Vietnam War for five years. But nothing he saw in the jungle prepared him for the morning of Oct. 6, when right-wing students attack left-wing students near the university. “When I got there, it was getting more and more violent. Paramilitary troops heavily armed with recoilless rifles showed up. The left-wing students were not armed and were not shooting back. They took refuge in the university buildings.
"Tremendous volleys of automatic weapons were fired across the soccer fields into the classrooms. There were bodies all over, glass breaking. There was no place to take cover. I was very scared."
Finally, the left-wing students surrender. Ulevich heads for the gates, anxious to get his pictures back to his office. “I saw some commotion in the trees. I walked down there and I saw a body hanging. He was certainly dead, but the crowd was so enraged that a man was hitting the body on the head with a folding chair. I stood there to see if anybody was looking at me. Nobody was. I took a few frames and walked away.”
In the end, an irony: “When I won the Pulitzer, the Bangkok papers noted it on Page One. They were very proud that a photographer from Bangkok had won the Pulitzer. They didn’t show the pictures.”

King Tut’s grandmother Queen Tiye, the mother of Pharaoh Akhenaten


Photo by STEPHANIE SINCLAIR/Chicago TribuneA mosque employee prepares the body of Lamiamh Ali, 6. Four siblings were playing outside their home in Baghdad when a U.S. cluster bomb exploded. Two of the children died that day and their brother died later as a result of his injuries. Photo taken April 26, 2003

This has to be one of the most powerful photos I’ve seen in a while.

Tonight’s movie. 


It’s an obvious fake – Frida Kahlo and Mayakovsky never met, but who cares, this is such a great fashion dream, right?

World War I face prosthetic

Graphic: Anatomy of a Stoning in Iran

Stoning is still practiced in certain countries, notably Iran, where it is used to punish adulterers and other criminals. The graphic below looks at how a stoning occurs